Hello! Welcome to Wildwood Wedding Films.

I'm Steve and I'm based in Glasgow. I produce film in the Central Belt and Southern Highlands of Scotland. With experience in drama and corporate film as well as a long family history in television, I am here to capture every special moment of your big day.

As an editor for the BBC, my father brought me up around cameras. I can remember early discussions about how lenses work, and - being a 90s kid - I remember being given small disposable cameras, going snap happy around the house, before waiting what seemed like weeks for the film to be developed.

As a teenager I rebelled and largely left cameras behind, until in about 2012 - well into my 20s - I picked up an old SLR camera my dad was getting rid of and got snap happy once more. No more waiting for film either, as by this point the digital age was well and truly with us.

By this time I had developed a love for the outdoors, and in particular for rock climbing. Photography was great, but making videos of my climbs was where I found I had the most passion.

In 2014 I worked on a Glasgow based web series named The Glasgow Story, where my love for film-making really took off. I followed up filming music concerts and doing commercial work for various organisations.

My wife Jen and I on our wedding day, October 2016

My wife and I were married in October 2016 and having taken an active role in the organising, I came to understand the importance of each small detail in the overall picture of the big day. Our wedding video became one of our most treasured possessions after the event, allowing us to re-live our own memories and to experience our wedding from another perspective.

With Wildwood, it is my goal to provide other couples with their own memories of their wedding day. I'd love to help you capture yours, so get in touch today to book your free consultation!